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Sony NW-HD3 Network Walkman 20GB black Review

Sony NW HD3 Network Walkman 20GB black MP3 Players
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Reviewed by UK Guest, 9th Jan 2005.
Review Summary: Very good player but too little too late for Sony.
Overall Score: 4/5 Overall score - 4Overall score - 4
Review: If Sony tackled the MP3 player 18 months ago, I doubt very much Apple would have dominated the portable music market with such ease. This machine has it all - brilliant sound, the looks, the usability and affordable price tag. Why on earth didn't Sony leave the Mini-disc road sooner?

Unlike the Ipod which formats all files into AAC/Applelossless, the Sony NW-HD3 is able to play MP3, WMA/Wav files alongside it's bespoke ATRAC format. The battery life is superior (I charge it around once a week) and comes with a carrying case.

The downside? Not as appealing as the Ipod, Sonic Stage software is rather clumsy compared to Apple's Itunes. But if you put all this aside, you have a worthy competitor that makes the Iriver and Zen players look like caveman accessories.

Value For Money: 4
Review Score: 4
Recommended? Yes

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