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Sony NW-HD3 Network Walkman 20GB pink Review

Sony NW HD3 Network Walkman 20GB pink MP3 Players
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Reviewed by UK Guest, 7th May 2005.
Review Summary: Great, if you haven't already ripped your music!
Overall Score: 4/5 Overall score - 4Overall score - 4
Review: This Sony NW-HD3 Network Walkman is a beautiful little MP3 player which is really easy to use but it does have some limitations. I had already ripped my music into Windows Media Player. Unfortunately, you cannot copy your music onto the player directly from Windows Media Player as it is not compatible. You need to use the provided software; SonicStage. This meant that I had to transfer each cd again individually into the SonicStage library and so it became a bit tedious. It then converted all the wma files into Atrac3 files before they could be transferred. The ones I had saved as mp3 files transferred much more quickly as they didn't need to be converted. The cds I have ripped directly into the SonicStage software transferred very quickly too. Can I suggest that if you want to rip your cds, wait until you have the Walkman and its software.
Value For Money: 4
Review Score: 4
Recommended? Yes

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